Cash Flow Modelling

MaxLyte Later Life Advice places great emphasis on cash flow modelling. Cash flow modelling enables you to understand your life needs and how to balance your finances to achieve the goals and needs in your life.

To guide you through your personal cash flow modelling, we have a suite of tools, which will enable us to explore all possible scenarios with you, and so work out a path which is best suited to you.

Have a look at the short video on this page to help you understand more about what cash flow forecasting is.

Clicking the button on this page will take you directly to our suite of cash flow modelling tools. Once through the initial stage, you will find a detailed form, which asks for many details. The more information you can provide, the better and more accurate the cash flow modelling will be.

For more information, please either click on the button to start your cash flow model, or contact us for more information.