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Inheritance Tax planning is a necessity, if you wish to leave your estate in good order so your beneficiaries will benefit in the way in which you intend. The amount of revenue collected by HMRC from Inheritance Tax (IHT) has steadily increased in recent years, to a figure of around £5 billion.

That means families in the UK are paying £5 billion per year in inheritance tax (IHT), which is, in the main, largely avoidable through simple inheritance tax planning.

The introduction of the new Residence Nil Rate Band – an allowance against residential property left to direct descendants – is a helpful addition to the possible ways to reduce or remove IHT, but the national figure for IHT collection is still expected to rise further.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Planning For Inheritance Tax Is Easy

For families IHT represents a direct threat to maintaining wealth levels through the generations. Avoiding IHT is not complicated, but it does require planning. We have two guides available to help you with this:

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