Estate AdministrationWhen Is Probate Needed?

The questions, what is probate and when is probate needed are important one anyone named as an executor to understand, as it is a demanding and complex process to complete. In short, probate is the process of winding up the estate of somebody who has died.

Assuming the deceased left a valid Will, they will usually have appointed executors, who will be responsible for applying for the Grant of Probate and administering the estate. If no will has been made, then the rules of intestacy will apply.

Probate will involve the executors gathering together all assets of the deceased, which will include property, shares, bank accounts and any other possessions owned by the deceased. Any debts and tax owed by the deceased will also need to be settled from their assets.

Once probate has been proven, the residual assets of the estate will be passed on to the beneficiaries by the executors, as laid out in the Will.

When is probate needed? Depending upon the type of Will left, and the value of the assets is the deceased's estate will determine when probate is needed. If you are unsure of whether probate is needed you can either approach Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs for information, or contact us for advice about how to deal with the estate.

Probate is usually a complex and time-consuming process. Although some people choose to handle probate themselves, in larger and more complex estates it is advised that a probate and estate administration specialist, such as MaxLyte Financial, is engaged to take the pressure and stress off the family.

How MaxLyte Financial Can Support You Through The Estate Administration Process

Belgravia StreetWe understand that dealing with the death of a loved one can be a stressful and emotional experience. This is why we want to support our clients, in their time of need, by offering them access to professional services that can reduce the burden on them at this difficult time.

Having looked at the question of what is probate and when is probate needed, you will have already established that one significant task that you may need to consider is the estate administration of the person who has passed away. This can be a complex and time-consuming legal process that involves dealing with all of the assets and liabilities associated with the estate. As previously mentioned, this could include property, stocks, shares, bank accounts and other personal belongings that need to be distributed in line with the Will.

There is often a significant amount of paperwork that needs to be completed - not to mention liaising with various third parties - and calculating the tax that is payable on the estate. Getting the support of a specialist estate administration firm, like MaxLyte Financial, is often the most sensible choice for the family, so that all the hard work is done for them, allowing them to grieve in peace, knowing that the loved one's estate will be administered professionally and discretely.

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Kings Court Trust

MaxLyte Financial works closely with Kings Court Trust, one of the UK’s leading estate administration specialists, when it comes to estate administration. Kings Court Trust have helped over 7,000 families deal with the estates of their loved ones, offering a range of services to reduce the stress and work involved.

Kings Court Trust offers a number of services that you can take advantage of, when put in touch with them by MaxLyte Financial:

  • Free, impartial and practical advice on what to do when someone dies so that you can understand your options and make an informed decision with confidence.
  • A comprehensive estate administration service that will remove the stress, effort and legal liability of dealing with a potentially complicated process yourself.
  • A fixed fee service so that you know exactly what you will pay up front and don’t have the uncertainty of hourly rates or contingency fees to consider.
  • Regular updates on how the estate is being managed and the opportunity to track progress at any time thanks to Insight, their exclusive online monitoring system.

You will be allocated a dedicated personal estate adviser and can contact them directly by phone or email – no call centre queues or being passed from person to person when you need to speak to someone about your case.

For an informal discussion about Kings Court Trust and their services, please contact us on 020 7993 2882 or 07710 065 700.

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