Reviews of MaxLyte Later Life Advice

We value our clients highly and thank them for their trust in MaxLyte Later Life Advice.

Below are a selection of reviews and testimonials from some of our clients. Some of our reviewers have requested that their privacy be protected in that their names should not be published along with their review. Out of respect for their privacy, given the nature of the services they have taken from us, we have replaced their name with "Trusted Customer".

  • I would highly recommend Peter to anyone hesitating to take the road to Equity Release. He has guided my faltering steps from day one in a friendly and courteous way. His attention to detail, clear explanations and sense of humour have helped me on my way to enjoy the rest of my life.
    Nancy Breeze
    Arbroath, Scotland
  • We must commend Peter and say that without his relentless pursuit of the completion date we needed, we would have struggled to secure what we wanted, and heartily recommend him to any who seek what we did. Peter was persistent and effective, and he has our very grateful thanks, for all he achieved for us.
    Tony & Sue Mair
  • Issues were clearly explained and options given. The recommended solicitor was very efficient. Communication throughout the whole process was good.
    Trusted Customer
  • Peter was on our case from the start finding the best deal for us and then coordinating with Canada Life and Ashfords (the solicitors) to bring the issue to a speedy end. He acted very professionally throughout the whole proceeding.
    Robin & Melanie Sargeant
  • Peter Maxwell Lyte's service was efficient ,meticulous in his attention to detail, friendly and caring.He was easily contactable, always available and guided us through what would have been a long and arduous process without his help.
    Richard Bober
  • I was immediately impressed when Peter suggested I involve my family.
    Doreen Guest
  • Everything changes so quickly – without Peter I couldn’t keep in touch with all the new opportunities.
    Earnest Parrot
  • Peter is brilliant! He soon understood my needs and provided solutions – the right solutions.
    Alfred Bradley
  • Peter brings us sound unbiased advice. Advice that have neither the time or experience to find.
    David & Sue Bradshaw
  • As a widow, I needed an adviser who really understands my present situation and helps me plan my future. His ‘Life Planning’ has been very helpful and an Annual Expenditure Analysis enables me to adjust my outgoings where possible. It has given me confidence about my future financial position. He monitors my portfolio and strives to make it’s performance the best for me personally in these difficult financial times.
    Nicola Mitchell
  • The service that my client received was just the correct level of personal interest support and understanding that one would want to see when undertaking such a life changing financial decision.
    Jackie Wilding
  • Don't Go Elsewhere For Equity Release! Made process very easy with full disclosure.
    Mr Connolly
  • Yes I would recommend them. The service I received was excellent with all areas carefully explained to me. I could ask as many questions as was needed.
    Trusted Customer
  • We are very impressed with the efficiency and care the Peter showed. Nothing was too much trouble and at all times he made a big effort to keep us in touch with everything that was going on. Great service.
    Bridget & Graham Reid
  • Peter Maxwell-Lyte has always researched different financial options in order to give sound advice and my latest purchase has followed that rule. Peter has been my financial adviser for many years , showing unfailing courtesy and consideration throughout. Should a query arise, he immediately sets about finding an answer.
    Trusted Customer
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
    Maurice & Jennifer Fisher
    Bushey, Hertfordshire
  • Altogether a very satisfactory service. Occasionally had to chase them but nothing serious.
    Peter & Eileen Jacobs
  • He followed our progress every step of the way. We would highly recommend Peter to others. He has been very efficient and can't thank him enough.
    Vittoria & Alida Di Mambro
  • We at London-Money have been using Maxlyte Financial for over 2 years as Peter Maxwell-Lyte is very good with our clients and sorts them out very well and they are pleased with his warm and professional manners. Also he offers us a very generous commission split for the introductions to our clients. We are impressed that he gets market leading deals and has strong links with the equity release specialist solicitors and they listen to him! Martin Stewart - London-Money.
    Martin Stewart
  • We have recently employed the services of Peter Maxwell-Lyte & although in the past I have never awarded a full set of 10's to anyone, I feel that in this case I have no reason not to do so. Peter himself is a very personable & pleasant man with extensive knowledge in his field of expertise. He was very quick to respond to our enquiry & his advice was given eloquently & thoroughly thus making sure that we understood everything we were planning to do.
    Trusted Customer
  • Peter was very supportive in difficult and stressful times and always advised independently on matters to do his best for us the customer.
    Steve Day
  • Peter's concern to solve clients problems is genuine and he is very honest about what is realistic and achievable with lifetime/equity release mortgages. He also takes great care to follow through on any issues that arise throughout the process whilst giving feedback by telephone or email. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
    Trusted Customer
  • The personal service was exceptional. I feel I received 110% in everything that was done on my behalf.
    Trusted Customer
  • I discovered that Peter explained why he chose my plan and why it fits with the life planning we have done. I really like the cash flow planning so I have a much clearer idea of how to get what I want. Thank you Peter!
    Trusted Customer
  • Very helpful and excellent service, Highly recommended.
    Rupert Cutler
  • I appreciated the courteous welcome and personal attention that I received which, coupled with obvious professional knowledge,gave me complete confidence in the advice given.
    Moira Hammond
  • Peter is very good at dealing with even the trickiest of clients. He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. I would highly recommend him.
  • Prompt and thoughtful.
    Mr & Mrs Thynn
  • They did exactly what they said they would do and made us feel very safe and secure in the decision we made.
    Sylvia Fullbrook
  • Maxlyte has always given me excellent guidance and advice regarding managing my finances over the past 15 years. Contacting me regularly and highlighting better options should they arise. Also reassuring me when the market fluctuates!
    Trusted Customer
  • Peter Maxwell-Lyte has been my financial adviser since 1991, and I am very satisfied by the caring and beneficial service he has provided and continues to provide. I believe he has my interests at heart, and have confidence in his judgement. I can certainly recommend this company.
    Trusted Customer
  • I have known Peter Maxwell-Lyte for over 20 years. He has always provided good advice, & knows my financial requirements. I have been very satisfied with the advice he has given & would recommend Maxlyte to my friends.
    Jenny Greene
    Crief, Perthshire
  • Maxlyte Financial has provided financial advice for my wife and me for more than 20 years. We have always received courteous, professional and personal service and extremely satisfied with the performance our savings accounts and my own pension fund, which were organised by the firm.
    Graeme Hammond
  • All proposals and details of investments are clearly explained, backed by literature, and take account of my personal preferences. I would certainly recommend this company and I would use them again knowing I will get satisfactory advice and support.
    Trusted Customer
  • Always very attentive to my requirements and always provided the required information re the different options. Excellent work and thank you again for a job well done.
  • Friendly, understanding, individual attention and well explained. Would certainly use again if necessary.
    Trusted Cuustomer
  • Excellent prompt and friendly service.
    Trusted Customer
  • This man has really helped me understand what I needed to do to get my financial planning in order. Excellent.
  • Peter has been most helpful & understanding. He knows we don't have a big budget but has gone out of his way to help us develop financially.
    Trusted Customer
  • The company has kept me in touch with economic fluctuations that impacted on the pension that was being built up. In considering options, I have been given the widest choice and wise advice on the kind of choice it would be best for me to make. Potential sources of income have been considered in the immediate and wider contexts. When instructions have been given, I have always received prompt response and diligent process.
    Trusted Customer
  • I went to Maxlyte Financial after a friend recommended Peter of Maxlyte concerning her equity release. I needed to release cash from my home but needed to find someone I could trust. Peter took the time to listen to my needs and worked out the best deal for me to release funds in my existing home. He made the process easy and took all the worry away from me.