How To Make A Will Online During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Making A Will Online During Coronavirus Lockdown

You Cannot Visit Your High Street Solicitor To Make A Will During COVID-19 Lockdown

During the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, movement outside of your home is either forbidden or heavily restricted to essential travel only. Visiting a solicitor to make a Will is not deemed to be essential travel. However, during dangerous times like these, making a Will is a priority for many people. So, how can you make a Will during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Make A Will From Home

The age of the Internet has brought many technological advancements. Not least amongst these is access to online Will writers, who can help you make your Will online or via telephone. Let us look at how you can go about writing your Will online from the peace and safety of your own home.

How To Make A Will From Home

Can I Write My Own Will?

Absolutely. You can write your own Will without the need for a solicitor to be involved. Following three simple steps, your Will can be written within just 15 minutes and be with you ready for signing within five days.

However, if your Will is likely to be a complex one, or you need advice with estate planning or inheritance tax advice, we recommend that you contact us for guidance and advice.

Write Your Will From Home

We use Farewill's Will writing service for all Wills that we recommend. The process is so simple and also costs you significantly less than a traditional High Street solicitor. During this current Coronavirus lockdown, you have the ability to make your Will from the comfort of your home. This leaves you with the peace of mind that you will have protected your loved ones if you are affected by Coronavirus.

These are the steps you need to take to make your Will from home:

  1. Book a 15 minute slot, online, for a telephone call from one of Farewill's Will writing experts. Once you have chosen and booked your appointment, a Will making specialist will call you at the appointed time to talk you through the steps needed to make your Will. This process should take just 15 minutes.
  2. Once Farewill have all the information needed from you, your Will will be written. Once done, the Will will be reviewed by an in-house Will writing solicitor to ensure the Will is accurate and clear. This Will checking service takes up to five days. At this point the completed Will will be sent to you for signing.
  3. With the Will checking process having been completed, all you need to do is print out the Will and sign it in the presence of two witnesses, who will also sign it to prove they have witnessed you signing your Will.
If you follow the above steps, you can make your Will, despite the Coronavirus restrictions! Don't hesitate - book your appointment today!

What Are the Benefits Of Making A Will From Home?

1. You Do Not Have To Make An Appointment With A Solicitor's Office

Making an appointment with a solicitor can be a frustrating experience. There will only be limited slots available. You will also have to travel to the solicitor's office for a meeting. This costs you both time and effort.

With the Farewill online Will writing service you can see exactly which time slots are available for a 15 minute telephone call and book a slot which is ideal for you. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home. You can speak to a Will writing expert seven days a week if you need to.

2. Your Will Can Be Written In Private

High Street solicitors' offices are usually intimidating places with lots of formality. Therefore, writing a Will can feel like a hassle and a process led by the solicitor, rather than your wishes.

With Farewill's Will writing service, you can concentrate on the more personal aspects of Will writing, rather than just focussing on money, assets and beneficiaries. You can choose to leave personal messages to loved ones, or out-of-the-ordinary gifts. As there is no formal sit-down meeting, you have the time and flexibility to write down your full wishes to be included in your Will.

Book a 15 minute appointment to write your Will today.

3. Inexpensive - It Only Costs £90 To Make Your Will

By not having to meet a solicitor in their offices, there is a natural saving in cost. Traditional High Street solicitors will charge anywhere from £150 to £300+ to write your Will.

Farewill's Wills cost just £90 for an individual, or £140 for a couple. This is a huge saving in cost and all from the comfort of your home!

Book a 15 minute appointment to write your Will today.

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